Flight lessons

A romantic stay and flight lesson

These are the options we can offer in cooperation with Special Air Services (total per flight for 2 persons):

20 minutes lesson

After a short briefing, in which the theory of flying is explained, you make a 20 minute flight under the guidance of a qualified flight instructor. Your partner can sit in the back of the airplane. Costs €129,00

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40 minutes lesson

Same, but 40 minutes flight Costs €240,00

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60 minutes lesson

Same, but 60 minutes flight Costs €345,00

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For all flights applies on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays a surcharge of €10,00 (per flight, not per passenger!)

In case the flight has to be cancelled because of the weather, you do not pay anything. Payment can be done cash or bank at Special Air Services. The flight will be scheduled following your stay in the plane suite so you can fully enjoy your stay. When checking out your hostess will refer you to Special Air Services.